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Services and Programs

North Star Village offers a variety of services to its members. These services are based on the needs of older adults living within the North Star Village service area.
The services provided by North Star Village can be grouped into the following three categories, described in more detail below.

To learn more about membership criteria and rates, please visit the Membership Fees page.

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Practical Services
Practical Services

Background-checked and trained North Star Village volunteers provide a variety of services, including:

  • Social visits 
    Talking, reading, playing games, baking cookies...
  • Telephone calls
    Weekly check-in, service follow-up conversations...
  • Household tasks 
    Occasional spot cleaning, small repairs, putting away groceries, emptying waste baskets...

  • Organization
    Mail, decluttering, calendars, phone calls, appointments...

  • Technological support
    Computers, phones, home electronics...

  • Yard and garden care 
    Raking, watering, pruning, yard debris collection...

  • Short term pet care
    Walking, feeding, changing litter box...

  • Minor maintenance 
    Clearing walkways, changing light bulbs, taking trash to curb...

  • Running errands
    Picking up prescriptions, grocery shopping...

  • Accompany to appointments and activities 
    Doctors, market, walks...

  • Transportation 
    By volunteers trained as drivers to the grocery store, doctor’s office, North Star Village and other activities...

  • Seasonal home tasks 
    Getting out or store winter/summer clothing, turning mattresses, setting up holiday decorations...

  • Opportunities to be trained and serve as a volunteer 
    Within North Star Village and in the community
To learn how to become a volunteer, please visit the Be a Volunteer page.
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Social & Cultural Activities
Social & Cultural Activities
  • Social events
    Come to informal lunches, coffees, parties and special interest groups (such as exercise, travel, bunco and bridge).
  • Art & performances
    Join us for concerts, plays, music, museum and garden visits.
  • Literature and learning
    Take part in book talks, book clubs, library programs, lectures, author presentations, etc.
  • Travel
    Venture out with day trippers to Portland area parks and attractions, the Oregon coast, and more.

For upcoming events, please see our Event Calendar. Programs will grow and change all the time to accommodate members. Some programs are discounted, others are free.

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Professional Services
Professional Services

For more professional support, high-quality preferred service providers will be available who have been carefully vetted by North Star Village or Villages NW (note that services received from fine and trusted companies may sometimes be discounted).

Professional services include the following:

  • Age-friendly remodeling (upgrades)
  • Car repair
  • Chimney repair and cleaning
  • Decluttering/downsizing services
  • Electrical services
  • Gutter repair and cleaning
  • Painting (exterior and interior)
  • Plumbing services
  • Roofing
  • Yard maintenance