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General — Members are residents who live within North Star Village boundaries, and who wish to stay in their own homes or apartments as they age.

Members must be able to manage the activities of daily living and communicate their needs effectively.

Residence— Persons who live within the service area may join our Village. Neighbors living on streets that form the boundary between North Star Village and Northeast Village PDX may choose which Village they wish to join. This allows friends who live on either side of the boundary street to be members of the same Village. 

Capacity for living independently— Village members must be:
  • Responsible for and capable of making key decisions about their own lives.
  • Living in a residence that presents no known threats to health or safety.
  • Self-sufficient in meeting personal care needs either through self-care or arrangements with a personal care giver.
  • Enrolled in a medical coverage/plan and have an identified medical provider (doctor/clinic/neighborhood health facility).
  • Willing to provide advance contact information of a family member, friend, or other person whom the Village is permitted to contact in case of emergency.


Full Service Membership
Includes all Village programs, events, & services

Annual fees: Individual – $420

Two-person household – $630

Social Membership

Includes all Village programs & events, and 12 services a year (one a month)

Annual fees: Individual – $180

Two-person household – $270


Note: Membership fees may be paid annually or monthly.