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Why do we need volunteers?

Volunteers are the centerpiece of the Village concept: Neighbors are helping their neighbors stay connected and supporting them in their daily activities. Volunteers offering rides to the grocery store, help with gardening or other chores, or a daily wellness phone call can make the difference for a Village member between being able to stay in their own home or having to move.

If a Village member requests a service that exceeds the abilities of our volunteers, we may provide referrals to preferred commercial vendors who have proven to be reliable.  They may also offer services at reduced rates for Village members.

Who can be a volunteer?

Everyone who passes our thorough background check can be a North Star Village volunteer!  You don't have to be a Village member to volunteer. What exactly you can do to support the Village and its members depends on your interests, skills, and availability (visit the Volunteer Opportunities  for a list of examples).

The amount of time you give is up to you. Whether you have plenty of time on your hands or can only volunteer for a couple of hours a month or four times a year or at special events - we welcome you and greatly appreciate you!  Please read this Introduction to North Star Village and then if you wish to volunteer, please fill out the Volunteer Application form and email it to  

If you can't be a volunteer at this time but still want to support North Star Village, please consider making a donation. Your financial support will help us do all the background work to keep our Village up and running.