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Our Governing Council 2019-2020

Photo of Mary Shepherd
Mary Shepherd (Chair)

As of October 2019, Mary is the new Chair of North Star Village's Governing Council. She has served as Co-Chair for the Village and been involved coordinating the Outreach Committee, service requests and Club Express. Mary will be chairing the Governing Council and representing North Star at meetings with all of the other Villages who are part of Villages NW. She also attends the Circle of Reps with other Villages. 

Mary brings years of experience as an executive leader in health care and state government to her role. She lives in the St. Johns neighborhood and enjoys time with her grandchildren. Fly fishing and stained-glass work are creative avenues for Mary.

Anjala Ehelebe (Villages NW Liaison)

Anjala is a member of the Board for Villages NW. Among her responsibilities for the Board is serving as the liaison with the North Star Village Governing Council. 

Anjala, as Past Chair, is an active member of the North Star Outreach Committee offering monthly 101 information sessions and attending the Marketing and Club Express Affinity . She is also a member of the core team of the Membership Committee. Anjala’s wealth of experience as a business woman adds many gifts to her work on the Governing Council. 

She is also connected to our local community through her three decades serving for the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association. She is the author of Images of "America: Portland’s Woodlawn Neighborhood, a Photo History."

Photo of Nancy Stevens
Nancy Stevens (Treasurer)

Nancy lives in the Linnton neighborhood and spreads the word about the Village in our Northern-most region. She joined the North Star Village Planning Team in 2015 and continues to serve as Treasurer on the Governing Council. 

With a background in public health and non-profit organizations Nancy brings experience in finance and organizational dynamics to North Star.

Fostering golden retrievers and fly-fishing trips throughout the Northwest bring her joy as well as her weekly mentoring of high school students with “Mind Matters.” 

Photo of Stu Webster
Stu Webster (Recording Secretary)

Stu works for the American Wind Wildlife Institute, a research group supporting deployment of wind energy while minimizing impacts to wildlife. He has a Bachelors in Environmental Studies and a Masters in Environmental Science and Management. 

Stu serves as the Recording Secretary for North Star Village and is active with the Recommended Vendors Team, driving and other volunteer services. Stu shares, “Collaboration and comradeship come naturally to me. I enjoy the challenge and opportunities that working towards a common goal with others brings.” 

Stu and his wife Anna have called the Portsmouth neighborhood home for seven years. His mother Ellie Webster, who lives with Anna and Stu, is a full member in the Village. 

Photo of Tina Smith
Tina Smith 

Tina serves as Transportation Coordinator for North Star Village. She oversees training, reporting, and coordination of all of the policies and procedures for North Star Village drivers. In conformity with our rules and regulations for safety, Tina pays close attention to our compliance related to liability and insurance issues. She attends the Transportation Affinity Group.

Tina has over 20 years’ experience in financial analysis and project management work with startups and large corporations. For 15 years Tina was a caregiver for an aging family member which connects her to “love what the Village is doing and being excited about being able to help.” She has served in the positions of Treasurer, Vice President and President in her five years of work with non-profit Boards. 

Photo of Cheri Tessler
Cheri Tessler 

Cheri has been involved in the formation of North Star Village from the beginning. She oversees the Fundraising Committee, serves on the Membership Committee, organizes logistics for many quarterly potlucks and fundraising events and coordinates North Star's phone answerers. She is a member of the Development Affinity Group. 

Cheri and her husband Fred, a driver for North Star, live in the Arbor Lodge neighborhood and enjoy frequent travels abroad and life in Portland engaged with the joys of their grandchildren. 

Cheri’s professional background, interpersonal gifts and willingness to take on projects has made her indispensable in the formation of our North Star community.

Photo of Iris Wernher
Iris Wernher

Iris is a doctoral candidate in the Urban Studies program at Portland State University with an emphasis in gerontology and community health. She serves as Graduate Assistant at the Institute on Aging and has a background as an organizational psychologist as well as six years of experience working as a neuropsychologist in dementia care. Iris is actively involved in the Age-Friendly Portland and Multnomah County initiative and a member of the Oregon Gerontological Association. 

Iris coordinates North Star's Volunteering Committee and has been involved with planning, service request management, volunteer training, Club Express, and many other valuable roles and tasks. She attends the Volunteer Affinity Group.

An avid hiker, backpacker and lover of nature, Iris enjoys taking full advantage of the beauties of the Northwest and other wilderness delights in the United States. She has lived in North Portland since 2012, first in St. Johns and currently in the Portsmouth neighborhood.

Photo of Kay Osgood
Kay Osgood 

Kay is in her second year of residence in the University Park neighborhood and her third year of retirement from mental health case coordination in Eugene. The culmination of her employment marked 43 years working with people marginalized due to disability (mental illness, developmental delay, physical disability) and poverty. Kay’s undergraduate and graduate degrees were specialties of vocational evaluation and independent living.  

Volunteer experiences for Kay have focused on issues of hunger, housing instability, inadequate living skills, employment and the need for community support and resources, integration and inclusion. Social justice has been a recurring them for her especially pertaining to immigration and gender equality.

Since becoming a member of North Star, Kay’s volunteer activities have included being part of the Membership Committee and the Program and Activities Planning Group.

Photo of Mary McMurray
Mary McMurray 

Mary is an artist whose love of color and architectural design led her to create her business, Art First Colors for Architecture, thirty years ago, with a degree in Art and Art History from Cornell University and Mills College and practical experience. Mary has overseen the completion of historically important projects including discovering the original paint colors for the Captain Flavel House Museum in Astoria and the Gordon House in Silverton through scientific paint analysis.

It is her pleasure to add fresh value to both old and new properties with color and design consultations. Her color choices can be seen on and in more that 2,000 locations in Portland alone, notably, the interior and exterior color design for the Hollywood Theater and for the Old Church in downtown Portland.

Mary and her husband, David, have lived in Portland for 29 years, and in their home for 25 years. According to Mary, “We came to Portland on the advice of our son, who attended the U of O. We were seeking a home with more trees, less traffic, and fewer earthquakes than we experienced in the Bay Are in California.

Mary participates in North Star Village activities, such as the North Star Village Singers and board game afternoons. She enjoys the comradery of Soul Collage meetings, art events and holiday Village get-togethers.